So you just started a new business. Now you need a great website to help market your goods or services online. Well, you are now faced with a choice. Should you design and build a website yourself or pay to have a website built for you Building the website your self would certainly save some money, which is important when launching a new business venture.

Wait a minute, you need to ask yourself if saving some money trumps all the benefits of getting a custom designed and professionally optimized site. The short answer is a resounding no!Most business owners realize that a visually appealing and functional website is an essential marketing tool. If your site isnt built properly the first time (especially the back-end) you are likely to end up having to get it built again once your business grows.Now, in order to save money you could use a sophisticated website-builder tool. There are many available.

However, you are then limited to predefined templates, limited functionality and it is often difficult to perform search engine optimization, which we know is of course essential.The code that you dont see is as important as the graphics and front-end design work. If your site features a customer support ticketing system, multimedia, ecommerce or other interactive features you need to know these have been well-programmed and will enhance a visitors website experience.